Sudan's Biggest Companies

Sudan is the tenth largest country in the world, and it is the largest country in Africa. Sudan's economy has been negatively affected by its troubles during the 20th century, but it has also experienced periods of rapid growth. The Sudanese economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but there is still a lot of poverty in the country, and it faces serious problems with international relations. However, it benefits from a lot of natural wealth in the form of resources such as oil, gas and metals and in its fertile farmland.

Agriculture is an important part of the Sudanese economy, employing approximately 80 percent of the working population and producing 39 percent of the country's GDP. The Kenana Sugar Company is one of Sudan's largest companies working in the agricultural sector. The country has a lot of agricultural potential, although much of this has not yet been exploited. New investments are beginning to make a difference to the agricultural sector in Sudan and it is hoped than modern farming and irrigation techniques will be able to increase production in the country. Agriculture in Sudan has been helped by the easing of sanctions against the country in relation to agricultural services and equipment. Companies such as Arkel Constructions, Valmont Industries and ITC are involved in work in Sudan, much of which relates to the agricultural sector.

Stone is also an important natural resource in Sudan, with a number of quarries and companies producing marble, granite and other types of stone. Two of the most important producers of stone in the country are subel Marble and imtco Trading, both of which are run by the same person. The Al Masara Company runs two marble quarries and two stone processing plants. The Nile Marble Company produces granite, although the company originated as an exporter of chromium. Al Salam Construction is a large Sudanese construction company that is also involved in quarrying and cement production.

The Danfodio Construction Group is the largest construction business in Sudan, which employs 800 people and has a turnover of approximately 120 million US dollars a year. It is the largest domestic consumer of ornamental stone, although much of the stone it uses is imported rather than sourced locally. Danfodio also owns a majority share of the Danasdco Petroleum and Mining Company, which is involved in granite quarrying in Sudan.

The petrochemicals industry is also very important in Sudan, with a number of large international oil companies having an interest in Sudan's natural resources. Oil is the most important export from Sudan and its production is increasing. This has played an important role in the growth of the economy. About 90 percent of Sudanese population use the energy produced by the hydroelectric plant at Merowe damn.

Exploitation of the country's mineral resources is poor, although it is believed to have a lot of potential. Some mica, chromium and asbestos deposits have been used commercially, on a small scale. Sudan also lacks a strong industrial sector, although there are some agricultural processing plants and factories.

The Al Shamal Islamic Bank is one of Sudan's largest companies in the banking and finance sector. The bank was created in 1983 and it has its headquarters in Khartoum. The Al Shamal Islamic bank has 17 branches in Sudan.

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