Qatar's Macroeconomic Statistics

Qatar's growth this year will increase by about 16%, according to the IMF. The growth can be attributed to increases in production of LP gas and petroleum products, improvement in building and construction, and a public finance surplus. However, the growth could be hampered by a global economic slowdown, but that may not necessarily be a bad thing as unchecked growth can easily overheat the economy. To deal with that possibility, the Qatari government is re-examining its spending on infrastructure.

The most recent available data shows that the oil and gas industry contributed approximately 36 billion QR (48% of the GDP), a drop from 2008 when the contribution was 65.2 billion QR or almost 62%. Non-oil contributions to the GDP were almost forty billion QR, or 52%, while 2008 saw contributions of 40.1 billion QR or 38.1%. Next to the oil and gas sector, the biggest contributor to Qatar's GDP is the governmental services sector. At the end of 2009, the sector contributed over 10.5 billion QR (14.1%), compared to 8 billion QR (7.6%). In third place, the financial sector contributed 10.1 billion QR or 10.2%.

Bringing up the rear are the transportation sector, which contributed 3.3 billion QR at the third quarter of 2009, compared to 3.9 billion QR at the end of 2008. The utilities sector came in 8th place, contributing 1.9 billion QR (2.5%), compared to 1.4 billion QR (1.3%) at the end of 2008. Lagging far behind all these sectors are the agricultural and fishing sectors, and other services which contribute negligible amounts.

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