Jordan's Main Business Sectors

Jordan's economy has become one of the most open in the Middle East, thanks to various bilateral agreements. Having a business in Jordan offers the possibility to expand not only into the local market, but also to those of the surrounding countries. The Jordanian authorities are encouraging foreign investment, by setting special conditions for those investors at the thirteen special economic zones. Here, you will learn more about the business sectors that make Jordan such a good choice for foreign investors.

Mineral and Mining Sector

This sector of Jordanian business gives the country a major place on the world stage and great potential for growth. The Kingdom of Jordan is the fifth-largest potash producer in the world, and the fifth-largest producer/fourth-largest phosphate exporter; fertilizers made from these two chemicals are the second-most important export. Jordan's mining sector is its biggest industrial activity, generating almost 900 million in Jordanian dinars and representing almost a quarter of its exports.

Public Works Sector

Since 2003, the public works and construction sectors in Jordan have enjoyed a tremendous boom. The high-flying real estate market and business-friendly reforms are responsible for a rise in investor confidence and a wave of government initiatives.

Apparel and Textiles

The clothing and textile sectors are considered as one of the most important Jordanian industries, making up more than 30% of Jordan's exports and employing more than fifty-five thousand workers. The country's success in the textile and apparel sector is based on partnerships with the EU and the US, the creation of industrial zones, and the strength of its labor force.


With Jordan's rich cultural and historical heritage, tourism will continue to be a very important sector in the country's business. Currently, the tourism sector is one of Jordan's four largest income sources (the other three are international aid, payments from expatriates, and the mining industry).


The country's pharmaceutical sector was put into place more than three decades ago, and today it has a top position in terms of exports and production; being second only to the textile sector. The pharmaceutical industry in Jordan has become a key export source, growing threefold over the years between 1991 and 2004. The sector specializes in the production of branded generic drugs in solid, semisolid, aerosol and liquid form.

Agriculture and Food

The food sector in Jordan is its second most important, in terms of national investment and the attraction of FDI. At the beginning of the 90s, the sector underwent explosive development; even though engineers and technicians are competent in today's manufacturing processes, the food sector still has issues with substandard R&D.

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