Jordan's Macroeconomic Statistics

Jordan is a very small and water-poor country, and it is currently looking at ways to expand its water supply and to use the water it has more efficiently. For most of its energy requirements, Jordan depends on other countries; during the 90s, its petroleum needs were met by extremely high-priced imports from Iraq. However, since 2003, Jordan's oil has come primarily from Saudi Arabia. The country has, since 2007, been working on a strategy to develop more renewable and native energy sources, such as wind, solar poer, oil shale, and nuclear energy.

Jordan has, under King Abdullah, undergone marked economic reform. The government of Jordan has taken away most agriculture and fuel subsidies, passed various tax reforms, and gone after corrupt politicians. Jordan joined the WTO in 2000, the EU in 2001, and it also signed a free-trade agreement with the United States in 2001, aiming to eliminate tariffs by this year.

The United States and Jordan signed a civil aviation "open sky" agreement in 1996, and a science and technology cooperation agreement in 2007. Such agreements help Jordan's efforts to boost its economy and lessen its reliance on exports of textiles, potash and phosphates. Jordan's government has recently emphasized the tourism, IT, and pharmaceutical sectors.

According to the World Bank, Jordan is classed as a "lower/middle income country", with a per capita GDP of $4,700. Almost thirteen percent of the Jordanian population was unemployed in 2008, but unofficial estimates put that number closer to thirty percent. Literacy and educational rates are high when compared with other countries of similar income. Population growth has declined in the recent past, and according to the Jordanian government, it is at 2.3%.

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