Comoros' Macroeconomic Statistics

Comoros is one of the poorest countries in the world, and its three islands lack an adequate transportation system. The population of the country is young and quickly growing, amid scarce natural resources. The Comoros labor force is mostly uneducated, contributing to the low level of economic activity, as well as high unemployment and reliance upon foreign grants.

The main industries in Comoros are fishing, forestry and hunting, and contribute 40% to the GDP and employ 80% of workers. Comoros isn't self sufficient in terms of the manufacture of food; its staple is rice and makes up the largest import category in the country. The government's actions are dampened by continual political unrest, making it hard for the education system to be updated. Comoros' government is also having a hard time privatizing industrial and commercial enterprise and improving its healthcare system. The country's GDP got a bit of a boost from Comorans living abroad and sending money home.

Comoros' Macroeconomic Statistics (all years given are the last available data)

Exchange rate: 396.21 (2004)
Exports: $32,000,000
Exports to the United States: $3,400,000
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) $403,176,300
GDP PPP: $1,139,000,000
GDP real growth rate: -1%
GDP growth (annual percentage)4.23
GDP per capita $1,993.05
% of population below poverty line: 60%

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